April 06, 2002

random thoughts from bangkok

i'm in bangkok right now... some random thoughts.

1) Even though the south of thailand is beautiful and I did various
activities (diving, snorkleling, kyaking), for some reason i'm not really
inspired to write about it.

2) Sleazy tourist oriented bus operators are a pain and never tell the
truth. The air-con bus ride from Krabi, upgraded to VIP because they were
being nice, was an example. Three hours of it was stuffed into a tiny van
and the VIP bus and the normal aircon bus were just that, a normal aircon
bus. But it got in on time and the drop off point was right in front of my

3) But I'm a sucker. Tomorrow I go to Chiang Mai during the day time, this
time with a free night's lodging at some dodgy guesthouse with some
questionable transit company. But since it's currently peak holiday travel
season, I don't feel like going to the bus station and standing in the aisle
of some bus for 10 hours.

4) Because on Monday I'm signed up to do a massage course. With a big
operation, but it's the one which offers a formal course with methodolgy.

5) Some pictures, including the sunken boat, should be posted on my web site
by the time you read this. ( try
http://communities.msn.com/mblain/seasia.msnw?Page=13 )

6) Do not call my cell phone. It's not mine any more. Nor is the SIM card
which has my phone number. I don't know who you'll get, maybe the guy who
runs the store where I bought the phone and had it serviced and just sold it
for a little money.

7) I wonder what the King of Thailand thinks of the traffic in Bangkok?
Coming back this evening there were odd things going on--cross traffic was
stopped 50m back from the intersection, lots of police poking around,
including people in dress uniform. Eventually it became totally silent
(unheard of) and a big motorcade went by, including the king and other
members of the royal family. Some of the crowd bowed twice, once when he
went past and once for someone else (the Queen? I couldn't see). He waved
back at those of us at this intersection, then after the motorcade passed
everyone went back to their business.

Next update hopefully from Chiang Mai...


Posted by MBlain at April 6, 2002 12:00 AM
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