April 27, 2002

Back in Philadelphia...

I am back at my parent's house. The first thing I noticed is silence. At
night there are very few cars, and those that do run have proper mufflers.
No motorbikes or buses or longtail boats. No chickens or pigs or frogs. No
lound music from far away. No people either for that matter, since this is
the first time I've been in a single family house for quite some time. In a
few months there will be cicadas, but for now it's strangely silent.

The trip here was dreadfully boring. Either the longest day I've ever had,
36 hours, or more accurately, the two shortest days of 18 hours each, both
the 26th of April. Narita was the first place I've seen large numbers of
Americans for a while, it seems that all the Ameirca bound airline flights
(AA, UA, NW) left from the same place. A small lunch was $7, not far off
from what you'd pay in the US at an airport. And internet was only 100yen/10
minutes, about 3.5 baht/minute, though I had no 100yen coins to try it. Back
in Philadelphia, United managed to screw up as usual and put my luggage and
the luggage of a few others of us travling Tokyo-Chicago-Philadelphia on the
next airplane, so we had the opportunity to hang out in the baggage claim of
the airport for another hour.

But now I'm here. What am I doing next is the question everyone asks. The
answer is... I have no idea. Probably go to my 10th high school reunion in
two weeks, but before or after that is undecided.


Posted by MBlain at April 27, 2002 12:00 AM
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