August 22, 2003

More pictures

Welcome newcomers... if you dig around you'll find some more pictures, here are some links:
Mt. Baker Area, August 2001
SE Asia, 2001-2002
North to Alaska, Summer 2002
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August 03, 2003

Picture time

I need a photo organizer... anyone have suggestions? I want something which lets me categorize photos in a few ways (this is in location x, taken in year y, of object z) and then I can pull up all pictures of transport, or boats, or in 2003.

Anyway, for now I'll create a few blog entires pointing to images. Still haven't uploaded the Australia pictures.

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Blue Angels

Fast moving planes are quite difficult to photograph. In fact, they lose a bit of effect even watching them with binoculars. It's like watching TV--you lose all context.

Two years ago I took some pictures with the first roll of film in my camera (Nikon Lite-Touch zoom 120, a very nice piece of engineering). And this week, some more.

From 30th and King, 2001:

A most impressive maneuver: An F-18 shadowing a P51 mustang, which it did for a several mile circle. The range of speed of the jet fighters is incredible.

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New York = Jerusalem

New York is a cosmopolitan place. One unusual sight is a version of the stations of the cross, both in English and Spanish, heading down a street on the Upper West Side.

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Ruby Beach - Olympic Peninsula

Over July Fourth I went to the Olympic Peninsula with some friends. The most photogenic spot is Ruby Beach.

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Mt. Rainier Pictures

I've made three trips to the Mt. Rainier area so far this year--High Rock, the Mt. Fremont Lookout, and Grand Park. Check out more photos in the extended entry.

The first trip was to High Rock, which offers an excellent view of four volcanoes--Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood (which often fades in and out of the haze), Mt St. Helens (straight into the crater), and of course Tahoma right next door.

There was a little demon squirrel on the way back...

Shortly after that, I went to the Mt. Fremont Lookout with a friend, starting from Sunrise. I didn't take many pictures other than this fearless marmot,

but the views of Grand Park are spectacular from the lookout. So the next trip was there via Lake Eleanor. Here's the lookout from Grand Park

And the mountain again.

That trip was unbelievably buggy. But the forest is quite beautiful various things were popping up from the forest floor like the spruce and mushrooms here


Next trip... ???

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