June 20, 2004

Helene Brandt's studio

Earlier this spring I visited my aunt Helene Brandt's studio. She was working on a new piece for an exhibition at Wave Hill which had its public reception today. (I'm on the other side of the country.) Unfortuntely I didn't get a picture of that work in progress, but I did get to interact with and take pictures of some of the older pieces which are there.
A view from the inside of one of the pieces:
From the outside of a different sculpture:
I really like the musculature effect on these, especialy overlapping. Click to zoom.
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June 08, 2004

Seattle Public Library

The new Seattle Public Library is pretty spectacular. Not the most important building in 30 years as promoted by the NYT architectural critic, but pretty cool none the less. I'll have to check it out again a bit as the hype dies down.

The one missing item? A firepole. Once you go up into the main book section, you cannot leave. Except by narrow stairway or crowded elevator. A simple fire pole at the end would let you exit just fine.

Here is some of the crowd on the opening day:


This is one of the views that takes people's breath away:

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