July 11, 2005

Trip to San Francisco

Recently, I bought a motorcycle. I wasn't planning on riding today, but it was 90 degrees in my apartment so I decided to go somewhere cooler--San Francisco. And ended up taking some neat pictures.
To avoid freeways, I went a somewhat direct route up to Skyline Blvd, and sure enough, by the northern end it was getting cool and foggy. The views towards the bay were crystal clear. In fact, they were towards Crystal Springs Resevoir. The view from the vista point wasn't as spectacular as some points along the road, but it was a good place to stop & take a panoramic picture:
(Click for full size)
From there the only sensible route is to take 280 for 15 miles, which was grey and unpleasant. In fact, by the time I hit San Francisco, it was foggy and cool, until just before the Golden Gate, where the sun peeked out. I went to the Wave Organ and took another panorama towards the sunlight:
(Click for full size)
Then off to somewhere to get a bite to eat... I ended up in North Beach, with a nice view of the Church of SS Peter & Paul, and went to the Coit Tower for the heck of it. I'm not sure these pictures do the light justice...
Then back home... the slow way down 3rd and El Camino. 40 miles in just under 2 hours. Somewhere along the way, the weather had clearly been warmer--the lines for ice cream shops on the side of the road extended out the door.
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